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As a writer you try to listen to what others aren't saying, and write about the silence.

- N.R. Hart

I went to the internet to search for quotes, this was one of the first that I saw and it hit me straight in the heart. I actually have never heard of N.R. Hart, but after doing a tiny search it looks like she's a poet. A poet that I would like to get to know.

I'm waiting for dinner to be done, my chicken was very frozen so it's taking a bit longer then I anticipated. So, I'm sitting here wondering to myself "what could I write about?" and started making a list of blog ideas to pull from when I get into this mood. This... writing mood. I turned to my two boys, my husband and my son, and asked for ideas. My little boy said to me "That's a great idea Mom!" always encouraging me, without really understanding what's going on. My little ray of sunshine. My husband on the other hand said "write about yourself more." To which I reply "well, aren't I already doing that?!".

My entire book is all about me. You're definitely going to get to know me, but... as I really sit to think about this, no, you're actually not.

The book is about an experience I had that shaped my life, but it's not about me per se.

Is this blog already getting boring?! This is absolutely why I need a list, and if you have anything to contribute to said list, anything you want to hear me talk about, please share. I could use some inspiration for this blog.

I have to now ask you, would you like to get to know me better?

Without knowing the answer to that I'll start by telling you this. I have always been a writer.

Maybe nothing close to a professional writer, and the most experience I have with creative writing, grammar or punctuation were classes I took in high school. My life is such that I regret tremendously never getting a degree in anything. So in the bio of my book there won't be anything next to my name that says "Alyse went to such and such school and graduated with whatever emphasis in anything." I wish it could say that, but it never will.

I won't sit dwelling on that particularly sore subject...

I'll tell you that I have been writing some sort of story or journal since I was very very young. Not only have I been writing from a young age, but I've also written a great amount of poetry. I can't tell you if it's any good or not, but the quality of the work isn't what's important right now. Right now, what's important is that I tell you that I have this lifetime of experience with ink and paper.

Writing for me has never, not until now, been about sharing my work. It's been a form of healing, coping, and a creative outlet. I have a very serious passion for words, for self expression, and that's probably why I've chosen to take my experiences and share them in book form. It's the thing I know best. Words.

My mother. She LOVED reading. It was her greatest passion. All of the memories I have of her sitting at the kitchen table, a plate of nacho chips and salsa, and a book in her hand and the words "Alyse, not right now, just give me a few more minutes." urging me to go find something else to play with so she could read just a few more words... and likely I would go to one of my many .25 cent notebooks that she would buy for me in, what we considered, bulk, and write.

The old bookstore on Main Street that we used to go to to buy used books for one or two dollars, swapping out old books, and picking up new-to-us treasures. The smell of a bookstore gets me to this day, and there are just too few. Gone are they with the memories I have of my mother.

The treasure chest I had in the closet of my room that couldn't close properly because it was over flowing with books I couldn't part with no matter how old I got.

Books have been and always will be a core piece of who I am. Writing, more then reading, has been the center of my being for as long as I can remember. I am one of many who say that Harry Potter gave me my love of reading (if any author should get credit, really it should be Edgar Allan Poe), and sure, I was thirteen when they came out, and had yet to finish a chapter book until I got hooked on the great adventures of Harry , Ron and Hermione (which I very specifically remember pronouncing Hermy-one because I had NO IDEA how to say her name), and was so very proud of saving my money to buy those books as they came out...


I have always been a reader, and it wasn't JK Rowling that got me hooked on books, it was my own mother. She gave me a passion for books, in their whole and beautiful form, whether I read them or not, I was in awe of the art of telling a story.

My very first story was that of a Mexican princess named Carmelita. I have dreams of writing this story in full length novel version to this day, but back when I was 7 I wrote her story and bound it with yarn, pink card stock for the covers, and a simple kids drawing of a dancing Mexican princess on the cover. My very first book, and my mother, my aunt Teresa, and my Grandma Jane all sat in the living room of Grandma's house listening to me read my story and show them the pages of my book, applauding me when I was finished.

I have always been a writer.

I have a bad habit of holding myself back from my passions. Everyone can and does do it better then I ever will, but I no longer want that to stop me.

What I have more of then anyone I know, is passion. I've done a great many things in my first 30 years of life that have taught me just how passionate I am and can be. I'm now going to use that passion, push past the trepidation I have of sharing myself with the world, and become a true and published author.

Perhaps I'll even share a bit of my poetry...

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