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The Green is for the Grass

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Shawn and I were in Jamaica some 12 years ago, and one woman selling us souvenirs was explaining the colors on the Jamaican flag "and da green is for da grass" she told us. Giggling to herself, as if it were some inside joke that two very young American's wouldn't understand. But oh boy did we understand, and along the beautiful beaches we could smell the, umm, grass. ;) Cannabis is a very misunderstood plant, one I have a lot of experience with. More then anyone reading this blog would probably like to guess, and I would venture to guess that many of my friends have much more experience then I would realize, too.

Have you tried it? Have you felt that groovy high? Have you listened to your friends who grow it in their backyard talk about the different varieties and how it effects everyone in different ways? I have. When I was a teenager, we were just stoners. Losers, essentially, but people who love it hold a knowledge that the rest of us should absolutely want to be part of! Cannabis has gotten an incredibly bad rap, and I hate the knowledge that people have gone to prison over it. Ugh, that just kills me.

We live in Oregon now. It's not illegal here. It is still federally illegal, but not illegal in this state. There are dispensaries EVERYWHERE. Everyone knows about it, and likely, everyone partakes. Oregon specifically is overflowing with cannabis! Because it grows in abundance. It's been incredible to learn about it on a local level, and now after attending the seminar last night in Vancouver, WA, it's even more incredible on a scientific level. My mind is thoroughly blown open!

The seminar was specifically about the role cannabis can play in the opioid epidemic. Yeah, you had me at opioid. I HAD to be there!!!

I learned so much, and am trying to find a good way to summarize it all right now. Hmmm...

Let's do some bullet points or something... After sharing the name of the Dr. who gave the presentation. Dr. Adie Wilson-Poe. Feel free to google her.


What we know about opioids: Highly addictive Often Lethal Bodies become dependent on the effects

Mood impairing Gateway to Heroin

You can overdose, very easily

Pain relief

What we know about Cannabis:


Non-lethal No dependance

Aids in homeostasis: Mood, stress, motor function, memory, sleep... etc. Aids in addiction recovery

Patients prefer this to opioids and even heroin You can NOT overdose

Pain relief

Even if America can not get funding for research on this amazing plant, other countries have been able to, one such is our neighbor Canada. Finally, after over a century we are learning that cannabis isn't the terrible "drug" that propaganda made you believe in 1910 when it was made illegal in the U.S. as a way to segregate blacks from whites. The term Marijuana was created as a derogatory term against black people who used it. White people in power wanted us to be afraid of black people, and black people were using Marijuana, so they used it to then make us afraid of what is an otherwise very safe, and very effective plant/medicine.

It was only in 1910 that social pressures stopped the use of cannabis in humanity. Before that it's been found dating back thousands of years. Humans know how powerful and safe this plant is for healing. We know.

In states that have legalized cannabis, addiction to lethal substances has dropped 25%, and it is saving lives! Several studies have shown that is is safe and effective for chronic pain.

Where opioids create a lifetime dependence, cannabis does not. The side effects of cannabis vs. opioids are much more tolerable without suffering the massive withdrawal that many people have described as the seventh circle of hell when coming off of opioids, actually causing people to stay on or find alternative medicines, like heroin.

Something I found fascinating in what's happening right now. Doctors are actually driving patients into heroine because of their fear to get patients addicted to opioids and the new backlash associated with it, without providing an alternative.

When many patients turn to heroine it is because they can not afford rehab or alternative medicines that only actually exist in fifteen states, and only about three percent of doctors can actually write those prescriptions. If you're lucky enough to be one of those people with a prescription to help ease you out of your opioid addiction, you only have a fifty percent chance of staying off. A fifty percent chance of relapse. The odds are not in your favor, and most likely your insurance doesn't cover it.

Cannabis is so much different, and because of fear and propaganda it is very misunderstood. It is incredibly cheap, and readily available in states that have legalized it. You do not need insurance, and you can even grow it yourself in your own backyard. You can make your own medicine! And you will have the quality of life you deserve, without the fear that you'll overdose or become addicted.


Humanity prefers cannabis. Some studies have not been able to be completed because they have required a test group to be on opioids and no one wants to do it. It's only a matter of time, and I can't wait to see it!

The sad fact is that 85% of doctors practicing medicine now have never been educated in the effects of cannabis. As this starts to change, we will see a great deal of relief in society.

Opioids are incredibly dangerous, and if you're afraid of watching people be high on cannabis, then you have no experience watching your friends and family be high on opioids. My family would have been a lot happier, and they would still be alive.

**Remember that I am not a doctor, these are facts I was given by one at a seminar I attended. If you have questions I highly recommend that you do your own research and make sure that it is backed by professionals studying the field**

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