i love you mom!

*I'm gonna leave that right there because my son was sitting in my lap and wanted to contribute to my blog.* Love him so much!!!

Ok, where was I?

Oh yes, PODCAST!!!

I have yet to actually record the first episode of my podcast. I have had to do some rearranging of my desk into my bedroom so that I have some quiet space to do so while the kids are still home for winter break. My goal is to get it up and published the first Tuesday of the month! January 7th. Will that happen?? That is not clear yet. I may not know until that day or the day before. *shrug emoji*

What you guys wanna know is:



Well, I'll tell you!

SHOVE IT DOWN: A Podcast with Alyse Neibaur

And here's the art I created with the help of Adobe stock images, and Photoshop:

Now let me tell you about this. Maybe it's self explanatory?! I kind of hope so.

This is hilarious to me, because I'm not the only one who had this thought, but it sounds like a porn site. When I had the idea and my husband said "Hurry, snatch up that domain!" I kind of figured it would have already been taken by a more risque sort of website.

Turns out it wasn't.

So... Here we are.

Shove It Down represents two things: Pills we shove down, and emotions we shove down. And that's it I promise.

The image was trickier, and I wanted to get it done quickly so I DIY'd this project, but it turns out that maybe I didn't really need to, but I did anyway...

While looking at ideas I found an image that I thought was this one. Turns out what I thought was the rib-cage was in fact that microphone and the image was a lot smaller, but suddenly I had this in my head and it just fit so perfectly, so I worked it out on my on my own, and you probably already see it, the mic is a pill. The two red letters connected the way they are represent the typical RX you would see on a pill label.

So I'm feeling all clever over here. Happy New Year! I promise to keep you updated on when to listen to the first episode, that will be followed by weekly episodes until I run out of ideas. Each episode will also be turned into a YouTube channel, with video and images. Not video of me probably, because this is already a ton of work. LOL When I should be finishing my book for teens!

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