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I am floating on a high right now, but it was only after experiencing some anxiety and intimidation. I had another first, a milestone, and I'm having so many right now that it's almost intoxicating. This morning, after flying into Utah again last night (are you sick of me yet, UT?), I had my very first radio interview. It has not aired yet, and I promise to post details of when and how to listen both when it airs on the radio stations in UT and after on my website. This is not what this post is about though.

I was pretty intimidated to walk into that building and do this thing. Obviously, I think I'm in good company. It takes a rare kind of personality to thrive in this environment and remain unfazed. I am no such person. I had some anxiety, but I told myself to wing it and go with the flow and see what happened. This person I was interviewing with, though, felt like a celebrity. A local Utah celebrity. When I say Mike from B98.7 you guys know who I'm talking about! You would likely even know what his face looks like despite that he is a radio personality. I was intimidated, but tried my best to make it conversational. Honestly, I hope what he splices together works out well. He was genuinely sweet and fun to talk to. It was really quick, but also put me out of my comfort zone in a weirdly addictive sort of way. I want to this again... and again.. and again...

I've got this incredible energy for this, and I love it.

Afterward I went to my favorite coffee shop, you know the one, and had coffee with one of my favorite people! I told him about my interview, and that I was doing another one today with a good friend of mine. A person I'm comfortable with, and felt a lot calmer about it. He picked up on that and regaled me with a story about someone he thought was intimidating once, who proved to be just a regular guy. His point being, no matter your status in life, you're just a regular person, like all the rest of us. And I mean, I know this, but I think it's easy to forget it. Even this friend of mine that I sat having this conversation with, used to intimidate me. Mmmhmmm... friend, it's true.

Once you can finally get to know a person, it's so much easier. I think if I were ever to do another interview with this same radio station, I would feel so much more at ease about it. It has a place in a memory now, and that instantly puts it into a little bit of a comfort zone. The more you do something, the more you see a person, the easier it all gets. And, the more fun it becomes, I like to think. Through all of these experiences with people in my life, however you managed to come into it, I've recognized that I LOVE people!!! I love my one-on-one conversations. I love hearing stories, and laughing together. I love sharing my own stories, and finding ways to relate to these people who were once strangers to me. I love getting a glimpse into their true personalities, and what really makes them feel any range of emotion.

What makes you happy, sad, cry randomly, what provokes powerful inspiration in your life?! I love every aspect.

I've also seen that I'm one of these people to some. I'm sometimes the intimidating one. That's weird to me, but if I said it to you, you might think it's weird to consider yourself intimidating too. What I like hearing about is that I've been an inspiration of strength, to overcome obstacles, and rise above hardship. I feel incredibly honored to know this and hear it when people tell me. You're giving me confidence to keep moving these stubbornly shy feet forward.

So I actually have a story that goes along with all of this. A couple of weeks ago I was invited, through someone at my job, to attend a local youth drug prevention coalition meeting. That's a mouthful. Obviously, I was stoked to be invited. They were so eager to have me, and that felt really great. I wish everyone could feel that needed, it really gives you a sense of purpose, and I have a ton of it right now, and that's why I'm floating... Anyway, I went to this meeting last week, and already I know they will be able to teach me so much about how they're working in the community with their non-profit and I'm so excited to be part of it all.

Point being, while I was there I sat next to a man who was much older than I am, but was funny and down to earth and asked me about myself. I felt at home in that room with all of those people, even though they were all strangers, and I was more than happy to share my own story and why I was sitting with them in that moment. It was only after the meeting, as I stuck around to chat some more, that I learned that he used to be the mayor of the very city I was now living and working in. Suddenly, I was like... woooahh... That man was the mayor of this historical city and now he just sat next to someone like me and was interested in my story?!!! What?! I was so comfortable being in that room before, because the meeting had been held in a room I've had meetings in before for my current job, and I was sitting next to a co-worker I recognized, and I had a great sense of confidence and purpose. Did anything really need to change once I knew that he carried the city in hands for a time in his life?! No, he was just a guy, hoping for many of the same things I'm hoping for, and sticking with his community to make those changes. I am going to have to talk myself out of my anxiety the next time a meeting like that occurs and I find myself in the same room with some of those people realizing their importance in that city.

If I'm being honest with all of you, I have some serious goals for myself, my book, and even my own foundation I'm trying to put more focus on. I want to meet people who are otherwise really intimidating to approach. After my experiences today, that all feels just a little more possible. People are just people, after all.

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