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Finding a New Voice

Before I start podcasting, I believe I should write a few more blog posts. I get virtually no views on these posts. I think it's just the medium that's growing old. Blogs really have gone out of Vogue. I've even noticed this on Pinterest, some of my favorite recipes or travel blogs just kind of no longer exist. It's been fascinating to watch the blogging world come in like wildfire, burn for as long and hard as it did, and now that we can consume media with different senses, that wildfire that was/is the blogging world is fizzling out. LOL

And now I'm a writer...

Perfect timing...

*insert eye-roll emoji here*

But because no one likes to read anymore, that's exactly why I'm trying a different avenue of communication, and although I'll continue to write and publish books, my new career has a lot less to do with written words, and a lot more to do with my actual voice. Whether I use it in video, or podcast, or both, or public speaking, or all three, because it will be all three...

I'm not sure where I was going with that.

Here's picture, sometimes I pay for them, this time I did not:

I've been researching microphones, that whole set up, and what it takes to start a podcast. It's pretty daunting, and that means that I'm completely STOKED! I love trying new things, and this one seems really awesome to me. I seriously can't wait. Personally I don't listen to podcasts very often. There's a few I like, and I think they're a little easier to get into than audio books, especially while I'm making dinner, or doing some other random task like spinning around in my office chair while I stair at the ceiling.

Let's move on...

So here's the plan, I'm going to get all set up and record 1-3 episodes during the month of December, but you don't get to listen to them until we ring in the year 2020!!!

Can I even begin to explain how excited I am for the year 2020?!!!!!!!!!!!!


I feel entirely under-prepared for this new year, because there is so much I want to accomplish this coming year, but that's also why I'm so terribly excited! 2020 is going to kick ass!!!

First things first, let's get this podcast rolling. :)

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