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Dolla' Bills

Who doesn't love money?

Let me tell ya something about money, life is most certainly easier with it. I won't lie. The peace of mind a piece of paper can give you... (or at this point, a number on a screen) yeah... for this girl who grew up close to homeless, it matters. Now, that being said, I hate money. I HATE money. Money should NOT matter as much as it does. It is a means of trading for goods and services, but we've placed this huge importance on it that it NEVER should have had. I'm using a lot of CAPS today. I really hate money, and I hate how it makes people act. It's a tricky thing, because like I just said, it makes life SO MUCH EASIER!!! But good f&$*ing God, humanity would be so much better off if it had never existed on this planet!

Life is a game, let's keep playing...

What I do like is numbers, and money is just a game of numbers. I'm not very good at games, but I am good at numbers. This is one of those ways in which my husband and I make a really great team, because he is amazing at strategy!

With our two powers combined... !!!!

The point is to share with you how much I've spent on my book thus far.


These days it can be anywhere from $0.00 to $10,000 and maybe even more! Yeah, that freaked me out too when, over a year ago, I started trying to decide on the best way to handle the thing I had written.

It doesn't actually cost you anything more then the pen and paper, or the computer you decide to write on.

July 2017 - I bought a Chromebook (an in-between option that's fancier then a tablet, but not as intense as an actual laptop) for $275.00. *I wanted something portable that really only needed internet access. It's a glorified tablet, and I LOVE it. It has a touch screen, I can fold it in half so I can use it like a tablet, or fold it the other way and use the full keyboard to write. And the apps... Turns out, now that everything uses subscription models and apps because everyone uses their phone for everything, this came in handy when it came time to edit my book.

I had intended on writing through the month of November (NANOWRIMO), using my Chromebook to outline my novel the months previous with the writings I had collected over the years. I didn't end up finishing NANOWRIMO, but by the end of 2017 I had finished my novel! The memoir I suddenly didn't know what to do with.

*There's more story here, but that's not the post I'm writing today*

January 2018 - I needed an editor, or a publisher, or vanity-press (as I've learned they're called). I researched a lot of options. There are lots of ways to publish a book. I leaned towards vanity press because they are kind of all in one, but you have to be careful with this because you want to maintain the rights to your own book. One of my dear friends pointed me towards her friend who happened to be a freelance editor/marketer.

Feb-Mar 2018 - My book is developmentally edited. Cost: $1,600.00 Started in Feb with a down payment of $500 and paid the remainder at the end of March. A little more cost effective when I can break it up like that. April-July 2018 - I edit her edits, then hand it back for another round of edits: $1,000.00 and marketing research $500.00.

At this point I was trying to figure out how to get it published. I spent the rest of the year trying to finish my end of the edits, start social media accounts including a blog/website, and write query letters to potential publishers or agents.

To finish the editing I signed up for Microsoft Office Word: $7.50 monthly subscription.

To start my website alyseneibaur.com I had to buy my domain (and the domain for Raisedbynarcotics.com): $24 for both. To host my website: $7.50 per month on WIX (highly recommend).

January 2019 - I need to get serious about finishing this thing! What's next?! If no one is going to publish me, then I need to self publish. February 2019 - Copy Editing: $1200.00 (I used Fiverr to find someone, he's awesome!) February/March 2019 - Cover design and formatting for both print books, and e-books. Current total: $335.00

March 2019 - Today I made the decision to fully buy into my website for the next two years and work on completing it and tieing in all of the my various ideas/buying the book/community/events... etc. $184.00. So, I've upgraded my website so I can have a lot more special features, but it was all 50% off normal price if I paid up front for the next two years. Same cost as my monthly subscription but now I get more out of my website, and no more budgeting in that pesky $7.50.

Take all of that, plus the length of time I've had each subscription and you get: $5,289.00

Phew!!! Even without the Chromebook, we are over 5k.

And I'm not done yet! Upcoming expenses include: Registering a business name (so I can publish myself under it). I'm anticipating $200-300 for that. Maybe less? I have no idea yet. Waiting for April. It's important to space these expenses out. Renting space for the book launch in July, and also printing copies of the actual book that you can all buy at the launch. At this point we will be in to summer again and I hope hope hope to start recouping some of that cost of getting it all beautifully edited, designed, and formatted.

The day I make over 5k in profit, I'll consider myself a success! Haha. At least in financial terms. I already consider myself a success in many other ways.

It's not so much about how much it cost me to do this (I've already lost a lot more then money), or how much it will continue to cost, or how much I'll make. These are NOT the reasons I wrote my book or decided to do this. That's why I already feel successful, because even though the book is not out yet, I am impacting the lives of others by simply sharing my truth. #wortheverypenny

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