Cover Reveal #NotForTeens

The world we live in is absolutely insane.

Navigating life as a teenager has never been harder, and in this book I share a lot my thoughts about the hardships of being a teen in this crazy world, and all of this was BEFORE the pandemic.

Right when you thought being a teenager couldn't possibly get worse...


Here kids, have some isolation! Question life even more then you have ever questioned it before.

I've already written a post that explains what this new book is all about.

I highlight things about the opioid epidemic, domestic abuse, being a loner in school... etc. What I dealt with, and what teens are dealing with now are different, and yet, they're exactly the same.

Drug use, misuse, overdose... etc. is on the rise.

Domestic violence still happens.

Peer pressure still happens online.

Our identities questioned constantly as the world changes, dreams change or die, financial instability continues and possibly even worsens, medical debt has definitely gotten worse, and now we are all sitting in a pandemic isolated from the rest of the world, and questioning the value of who we are and what we might do with this life, all without the support we had before, and what we had before was already in short supply.

Now it's just gone.

Now who do you talk to?

Where do you go to get away from your family?

How on earth do you take control of anything around you so that you might have even ten minutes of sanity?

Being a teenager was hard without the pandemic. Now?

*all the curse words*

To all of the teens struggling, I really do feel your pain. Your pain hasn't become irrelevant just because your stuck at home with nowhere to go. AND you can still have a support system. You can still have control. Your life can still be yours.

The world around us is changing, and we all have to adapt. The biggest silver lining to all that we are going through, in my opinion, is that the entire world can now see all of the cracks and flaws, and we have no choice but to face the mistakes we've all made. That includes how we treat our youth, and the world we are getting them ready to be adults in. I hope that the world changes in positive ways so the decisions that kids and teens now don't have to be quite so scary or impossible.

This post is all about the cover of the new book. I did say that I would provide an explanation for the title, and I would much rather you just read the book *wink* it's all laid out right in the first few pages, but I'll be nice and sum it up. Because this book is a second memoir, all about my own experiences, I share that it's how I was sheltered, but not sheltered. How the adults in my life picked what was acceptable for me to see or hear, and other things they kept hidden. It caused a lot of grief for me as I grew and started a family of my own. I was left with a lot of questions in my life because of it. I could have called this #NotForAlyse as my mother used to label certain things in our house...


Now we're getting it. *wink*

But that's just it, right?

As teens we are living very adult lives, experiencing very adult things, and yet the adults in our lives are telling us "you can't see this"... "you can't hear this"... "you can't know about this"... but we already do.

Because of that mentality surrounding us, however, we aren't being given the support to deal with any of it because weren't "supposed" to know about it.

So, now what?

Read the book. #wink

Are you excited about the cover? Me too!!!

Seriously, it's so beautiful. I love the colors, and the entire concept. It's perfect.

Here it is:

Remember, it'll all make sense in the first chapter. :)

This book is extra special because of how it ends. Not only am I going to share what I went through with you, and give you some new perspective on how to take control of your life, but I also give you a plan of action. Actual steps to take, simple ones, no need to make things complicated (the world is already complicated enough, right?) to create your support network and give you real control of what's going on around you.

That matters.

You matter.

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