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My LAST POST was admittedly kind of a downer. That's why today I want to CELEBRATE women everywhere! All shapes, sizes, and makes in this life. Being a woman does not mean what it used to mean, nor should it. And as ever, that meaning should and will evolve over time. YAY!!! Women are glorious creatures on this earth, and even though it drives us crazy, we can do and have everything we desire on this planet! How absolutely incredible is that?! Having so many choices in life is daunting, but ladies, we have choices! We have LOTS of choices! That is definitely something to celebrate.

I wanted to talk about the theme of Women's History Month 2019, which is:

“Visionary Women: Champions of Peace & Nonviolence.”

The theme honors "women who have led efforts to end war, violence, and injustice and pioneered the use of nonviolence to change society."

Some women in this catagory who have inspired me over the course of my lifetime:

Princess Diana Mother Teresa Jane Goodall I am looking at these names and realizing that they have something in common with my life. Diane... Teresa...


Ok, that legit freaks me out. I only just pieced this together, as I sat here realizing these are the women I've picked.

My family will recognize those names, those are the names of the women in my book who have passed away, the women who raised me. Shit... I hate when things like this happen, it derails the entire purpose of the blog post. Now I'm really winging it here... Wow... Did that really just happen?!

Is that a coincidence?!

I'm trying to compose myself.

Maybe it's not a coincidence at all that I chose those people. These are women in history, though, who did shape my young life. Both the celebrity women, and of course the ones that raised me. I remember when Princess Diana died. My mother LOVED her so much, she had her books, and we followed her life and stories before that tragic event that took her life. She was so pure. Mother Teresa is a prime example of unconditional love and kindness. Jane Goodall was everything I wanted to be when I grew up.

Women, both celebrity or otherwise, make an impact on this world. We have something to give to this world that would otherwise be missing. We nurture, we love, we raise the world. We lift you up when you need encouragement, we hold you when you're sad, we ground you when you're unsure of yourself, and we teach you kindness and empathy in a chaotic world.

I said world a lot... we live in a weird one, that's for sure.

I completely love the theme of WHM this year. It really speaks to me, as do these women who have shaped my life.

What kind of woman do I want to be? How do I want to shape the world that I live in? That my daughter is growing up in? What example do I want to leave behind for her and the little women growing up around her?

Despite my own anger in this life over the injustices I've experienced, I want only to share my grief and pain in such a way that helps someone else with theirs. I don't want to come in guns blazing and take down The Man, however tempting that might be. I want to share my words and bring together a community of people to support all of us. A long, round chain of support.

I don't want to exclude men, quite the contrary, I want to embrace them and everything they have to give to my cause and any other cause.

What I personally believe in isn't necessarily all about empowering women specifically, but empowering HUMANITY! We all have something to bring to the table.

Celebrating women is fun, and this is the first time in my own life that I've really taken a step back and looked at myself and what I have to offer as a woman in this society and with the problems I'm trying to bring to the forefront of our minds. The opioid epidemic is no joke, and it killed the women in my life. It's killing your friends and family as well. It's killing all of us. Could this be the way humanity dies? What are we going to do about it?

This woman right here is going to write her book and share it. She's going to create a community for other's to hopefully share their stories as well. And I can't predict where it will go from there, only time and history will tell.

I hope to be one of the women in this world who shapes it using non-violent measures, compassion, and support. ♥ And really, that's all I want.

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