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Before I go...

We are leaving Utah! Farewell, so long... all those goodbye's.

Yes, I'm happy to leave this state. For a lot of reasons. Utah has a lot to offer, and I don't mean to come here and say that my life in Utah has all been negative. It most definitely has not. We've had a wonderful life here, and could have very easily stayed and made the best of it. But adventures are so much more fun, and I do unfortunately have some not so great reasons to leave this state behind and try to never look back, but of course, I'll look back, and I'll be back quite possibly more often then I realize. As I start saying goodbye to certain aspects of our lives here, I realize, I'm going to miss the roots I've grown here. A lot.

But before I go...

I have to say how incredibly happy I am to have been part of something HUGE!

Months ago Shawn and I made it a point to drive to Park City, UT and sign petitions to get medical cannabis on the November ballot. We were over joyed when it did, and celebrated with many people on social media that at least that one small victory was achieved while crossing our fingers that it would pass come voting time.

Then came time to vote, and I eagerly stood in line to vote YES on what was being called Prop 2!

History was made, as Utah finally made it into the modern world and can now offer SO MANY PEOPLE a new option in pain management... etc.

I've been watching the news, watching reactions, watching two sides argue about what it all means. All of the religious and political division over the topic. I was surprised how many people agreed with me that it could make a huge difference and overlook the negative conceptions about this particular drug.

This wasn't about being hippies and living freely to toke whenever it suits you (although come on, it's legal in most of the surrounding states, get with the times UT). It was about what it can and will do for people struggling with their health, and feeling like they have to leave this beautiful state because our options here are so limited.

It's times like these that I wish I could bring my family back and say "LOOK! An option that won't kill you!" What would life have been like if my family could have taken this instead of that and survived?

What will it be like for everyone like them who are still here and HAVE this option NOW! I know people, people I love deeply, who are dealing with this very real possibility. And they are OVER THE MOON!

All drugs, or substance, has an effect on our bodies. The food we eat, the soda we drink, the pills we take, the vitamins we ingest, the air we breath... Everything. Why are we afraid of a plant? I may never understand.

Now Utahans have an option that won't kill them, and may even save their lives.

I am so god damn proud of my home state!

Everyone who voted yes on prop 2, you are changing SO MANY LIVES RIGHT NOW! I wish you could feel the impact of that vote. It's incredible.

Good job Utah! I feel like I'm leaving on a really good note, and I'm so happy I was able to be part of that huge decision and historical moment. We did it!

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