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So, what is this all about anyway?

Well, I've been intentionally vague over the years, only really having a handful of discussions with people over my passion for this story, my life actually, it feels fictional anymore, but it isn't. I've tried sharing some pieces of it on blogs... etc. but I feel that I've been doing this all wrong. Mainly thanks to my emotional state and trying to wrangle all the feels, the good, bad and the ugly, into something that doesn't sound like an angsty teenager word-vomiting onto the page. I have yet to succeed.

But now that it's written, my editor is editing, and I have my big plans to get it published, what exactly is it that you're going to be reading?

You're going to be reading about what it was like for me growing up in a household full of drugs, but not your typical street drugs, prescription drugs, and what that did to my family.

My story is about the opioid epidemic that everyone has been talking about, and I'm certainly not the only one with a story like this, not even close, but that's exactly why I'm sharing what I went through. What my family went through, and how it impacted each of our lives, together and separately, and really, how it continues to effect me.

To put it mildly, this is devastating.

So, if you, or someone you know can already relate to the world of narcotics help me share what I'm writing. Unfortunately we live in a time where everyone knows someone struggling with this issue, and even if my book can't give all of the answers our country needs, it can help to start the conversation we all need to be having, and my biggest hope through all of this is that we can all learn to lean on each other for support and work together to create a world where this issue, with how commonly devastating it is, isn't so stigmatized.

I have even bigger hopes and dreams once this book makes it into the world, but we can talk about all of that much later.

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