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$34,000 Postpartum Drug

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Is Big Pharma just trying to make us angry? Because it's working. National Women's History Month is not over, so let's continue our journey of being outraged women in society, and I am outraged.

Likely, you're just like me. Just rolling out of bed, your mascara smudged under your eyes, throwing on your robe because despite this new spring day, your house is freezing and you just need a cup of coffee. Like our parents and grandparents before us, we pull our robes closed around us wondering if we should put on a bra around our children, we step out into the cold to grab the newspaper, flapping open the pages to start reading the first breaking articles of the events happening in our world around us, or in our case tap the fingerprint identifier on our phones, click open Facebook without a second thought, and start scrolling. FDA approves first new drug developed for women with postpartum depression

states the headline... You stop scrolling. You know someone, maybe you are someone, who has struggled with postpartum depression.


The gist of this is: New miracle drug that will cure postpartum within hours, and only costs you the same price as that new SUV you were thinking about getting for your growing family. $34,000.

I don't know what your thoughts are, but I see a lot of women incredibly upset by this. Me included.

Pardon my french: This feels like a fucking joke! Are you kidding me?! First thought as the conspiracy theorist in me wakes up: What are they trying to distract us from? Here ladies, look at this... no no... not that way, look over here, be upset about this. What are we not seeing because all we see is the price tag they stuck on that revolutionary drug. Second thought: Wow, this is because people are becoming so afraid of opioids, and Big Pharma is losing money on that. Third thought: What the hell happened to community? Women supporting other women? Does this ever happen in real time anymore? Face to face? Neighbors coming over, knocking on your door despite the fact that you're not wearing a bra, bringing over a pot of tea or coffee just for shits and giggles, or to check on you and the new baby?! God damnit world!!!!

Real women can't afford that shit. Let me tell you a quick story, and it has everything to do with this. When I was pregnant with my son, my second child, I was SO determined to do it all naturally. For reasons I'm sure you already know by now if you follow me regularly. I was saying no to drugs, for me and my baby boy. Come time to be in the hospital and push his little body out of mine, my contractions were so hard and so bad that I was at risk of pushing out the placenta first, and that could have killed him. My two options: Emergency C-section, or drugs to calm my body down for a vaginal delivery. Every contraction felt like something ripping my body open from the inside out, but I was breathing through those contractions. I was dealing with that pain. I had my family around me, Shawn holding my hands and petting my hair, my best friend rubbing her hands on my thighs and arms to keep me calm. Once the doctor came in to tell me what was happening and that I would need an epidural to calm me down I started losing my ability to handle the pain. How did it suddenly feel worse? And I suddenly couldn't wait for those drugs to take my pain away... I remember telling Shawn "If they're going to tell me I need this, they better f*&cking be here when they tell me!!!!" I lost my will power. I lost my ability to cope. This was purely psychological. Now, the FDA and Big Pharma are saying to women struggling with something VERY SERIOUS and potentially LIFE ALTERING/ENDING and saying "We have a drug that will fix you! But you can't afford it." Does that not sound like the biggest joke you've ever heard in your life?! There is something very seriously wrong here!

What has happened to humanity that there are people, real life human beings on that end of the this equation and they think this is the right thing to do?!

HUGE MIDDLE FINGER TO YOU! You just broke millions of women across the country, who now hate themselves more because they can't afford to fix themselves for their family. I am NOT OK with this.

If you know someone who had a baby in the last year, please get up, grab a thermos of something hot and go knock on their door and sit down and have a conversation. Be angry together. Cry together. Be together!!! Screw that drug, and screw those greedy, fear mongering bastards!

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