The Goal

Alyse Neibaur
Author & Founder

Life is a journey, an unpredictable and sometimes tragic journey. 
Alyse's journey is colored with bright dreams and hopes for the future. She has what any girl could ever ask for, but something is missing... 


It has taken seven years to write and publish Raised By Narcotics, a work of literal blood, sweat, and tears. 

She began writing to cope with the death of her family. Using her words to try to piece the puzzle of her life, and theirs, together.


What did it all mean? 
Why did it happen? 
Who would she blame?

Questions that can't be answered. Stories left untold, until now.  

This journey is more then a book. It's about community, awareness, and support. 


The Bottled Up Foundation was created to serve multiple purposes.

Acting as both a publishing house for my books, and a community to bring together those who struggle through and with the opioid epidemic, whether you are an addict, know one, or were close to the situation in any way.

This national crisis is tearing families apart, and so I, Alyse, have created a place online to host all of my efforts to bring us together in support of what we are all facing.


Raised By Narcotics

A Memoir

Alyse was only a child when the pills entered her household and changed the course of her life. They ultimately led her and her family down a permanent path of devastation. But who was at fault?


In a country where addicts’ stories have become a dime a dozen, we are desensitized to the devastating world of narcotics and the far-reaching impact each new prescription can have. What happens to the children who are left in the wake of such an epidemic?


Alyse bravely answers these questions as she delves into her own memories and shocking family secrets. What emerges is a surprising new meaning of family, support, and understanding.

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